About Golden Malted Waffles

Who We Are

For over 80 years Golden Malted® has been America's Favorite Waffle.

We are the world's largest supplier of waffle irons and waffle mix for the best hotels, universities, restaurants and theme parks. If you've eaten a waffle at a hotel, most likely it was a Carbon's Golden Malted.

Learn more about adding our world-famous waffles and pancakes to your business' menu here.

You can now enjoy the same waffles from hotels & restaurants in the comfort of your own home! Our convenient online store offers our delicious waffle & pancake mixes and easy to use waffle irons. Bring home America's Favorite Waffle and Pancakes now!

Golden Malted Waffles are also enjoyed around the world. Our waffles are distributed to over 60 countries including Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Greece, New Zealand, South Africa and Sweden.

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