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Our heavy duty waffle irons feature a digital LED countdown timer. This means your guests and staff never have to guess when their waffle is done - you'll get perfect waffles each and every time!

Best of all - Golden Malted Waffle Irons are provided on-loan at absolutely no cost - this is over a $1,300 value per iron.

Golden Malted Waffle Iron
Golden Malted Waffles
$0.40 per waffle
$0.50 per doughnut
$0.76 per danish
$1.02 per muffin

An independent testing laboratory has reported that per 6oz waffle, Golden Malted Mix yields over 30 more waffles per 30 pound case than our competition.

More waffles per case means lower costs for you.

Our specialized routing system is designed to ensure our customers do not run out of mix and waffle irons are serviced so they are always ready to make our world-famous waffles.

Our Better Batter Dispenser maintains waffle batter at required temperatures with specially designed ice packs.

Our competition's dispenser is not temperature controlled, which leads to wasted product and potential health department issues.

Golden Malted Waffle Iron

With a 24-hour response time, our world-class Customer Service is available when you need us.

Plus, an online portal is also available 24/7 for Customers to manage their account, order additional product and much more.

A variety of great flavors allow you to easily provide your guests with tasty choices without having to purchase additional cases of different mix.